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  • Introducing the drone defender model D-US-03, this built-in high-gain directional antenna UAV jammer is capable of crash landing all drones/quadcopters within the coverage area. Its uniqueness lies in its compact design and hidden antenna design. Compared with other drone blockers, it is smaller and lighter, suitable for low-altitude drone defense, especially suitable for counter-drones or anti-spying solutions in privacy places such as private clubs and high-end mansions.

  • One of the most notable features of WDP08 anti drone jamming device is its ability to jam signals across eight different frequency bands. This broad coverage ensures that drones operating on different frequencies can be effectively neutralized.

  • The D-US-01-1 gun-shaped anti uav blocking equipment can cover both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz WiFi bands, and can interfere with GPS L1 and Glonass L1 signals, effectively blocking drone radio frequencies up to 2000 meters away in a short period of time, thereby quickly preventing aerial operations.

  • Safeguard your airspace with the top-edge D-US-02 handheld Drone Blocker! This compact yet potent Anti Drone jammer ensure your privacy and security by keeping unwanted drones and quadcopters at bay within a wide range of 100 to 500 meters, .

  • The long-awaited Anti Drone jamming Gun has arrived, the D-US-01 is one of our most powerful and comprehensive UAVs jammers yet!

  • Introducing our Superior WiFi Camera Blocker, the fool-proof ultimate solution to keep your signals secure and interference-free! With 3 high-performance antennas and effectively block All 2.4GHz &5GHz wireless signals with ease…

  • The long-awaited law enforcement-grade drone defender is here. The D-US-04 drone jammer, which looks like a shield, is our most powerful and widest jamming range signal interceptor to date!

  • Backpack-W1 backpack UAV drone Jammer disrupts WIFI2.4GHZ/5GHZ, GPSL1 433Mhz 915MHZ signals in both vertical and horizontal polarizations, with a total output power of 140 watts (20W-30W per channel). The Backpack-W1 is equipped with six high-gain antennas, providing robust jamming capabilities.

  • Handheld drone detection WDTX3 utilizes a unique low-power digital-analog hybrid receiving technology combined with advanced power management. The detector comes paired with a stationary anti drone Jammer. Together, they provide comprehensive protection for flights over specific areas, as well as surveillance or tracking of real estate, ensuring secure and controlled airspace.

  • Try our UAV signal defender! Simply aim the jammers at the flying drone and the drone disabler for Electronic will emit radio waves to cut off the input signal used to drive the aircraft, thereby landing a quadcopters from DJI or other series.

  • All antennas of D-US-04-2 5GHZ Wi Fi signal Blocker can be easily adjusted (up to 90 degrees) to suit specific tasks. Built-in overheat protection system, fast cooling, can support your all-day work.

  • Discover the unique solution in drone management with the D-US-04-1, a anti drone frequency jamming device that offers extensive control over drones, GPS, Lojack, and mobile frequencies. Offering robust features across four distinct options, this quadrocopter blocking device ensures comprehensive control and safety in various operational environments.

  • By using this drone blocking devices, drones can either be repelled from secure areas or forced to land. This capability is crucial for maintaining privacy and security, ensuring that no unauthorized recordings or surveillance occurs over sensitive or private areas. Built with a strong flashlight, this quadcopter disruptor is perfect for personnel working in low-light conditions, providing visibility and functionality in one tool.

  • D-US-05 is not just any ordinary jamming generator. It’s specifically designed to jamming DJI UAVs. It can effectively jam Wifi 2.4g and 5.8g, Glonass and GPS signals, with an effective range of up to 800 meters. But that’s not all. The D-US-05 Portable Drone Jammer also comes with a long-lasting battery that lasts for up to 80 minutes, giving you plenty of time to block unwanted Quadcopters without worrying about running out of power.

  • This is a drone frequency blockers designed for commercial, military and civilian drones/quadcopters, covering 8 key control, navigation and video transmission channels with an effective range of 200-600 meters. It weighs 3KG, comes with a shoulder strap, and has a battery life of up to 60 minutes.

  • The P-US-06-10 anti-uav jamming devices can quickly clear all quadcopters within a 600-meter space. The Dron disruptor is specifically designed to jam GPS L1 L2, RC (Remote Control), FPV (First Person View), and 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz signals. Therefore, you can still maintain normal communication with your mobile phone while using this P-US-06-10, and yes, it will not affect the operation of the mobile phone base station.


Showing all 16 results

Dive into our exclusive Drone Jammers collection, where you’ll discover state-of-the-art Anti UAV jamming devices and modules designed to safeguard your airspace, restricted areas, or sensitive locations from intrusive drone incursions. Equip yourself with the ultimate defense against unwanted quadcopters and drones at TheJammerBlocker. Don’t compromise on security—explore our top-notch selection today!

Is there a device that can jam drones from flying over my home?

At present, the most common device that blocks drone quadcopters operating on GPS L1(1570-1620MHz), Wifi 2.4G(2400-2500MHz) and WIfi 5.8GHz(5700~5800MHz) frequencies is the drone signal jammer. Some people also call it drone jammer gun gun or anti-drone jamming module. Usually these Anti UAS Blocking devices suppress the normal operation of the UAV by emitting the same frequency as the UAV (power greater than or equal to the target aircraft), thereby interrupting the communication between the UAVs and the pilot, thereby achieving the goal of The purpose of the drone’s emergency landing or return.