Pocket-Sized Dual Bands GPS Jammer for Location Privacy


This highly sought-after GPS signal jammer features dual antennas capable of covering positioning signals with effecive range. It effectively shields against locating and tracking efforts…

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Pocket-Sized Dual Bands GPS Jammer for Location Privacy 131.96$
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If you don’t want your car or personal location to be tracked and located, then this portable GPS tracker scrambler is definitely the Global Positioning System signal interception device you need.

Take a look at the famous car gps jammer, which has a dual antenna configuration and is designed to be ineffective within a jamming radius of 15 meters.

In a realm where privacy and anonymity reign supreme, this top gps blocker for car stands as a sentinel against unwanted satellite tracking, disrupting the very signals that seek to unveil your movements and activities.

With graceful precision, it delineates a barrier between the user and prying eyes, casting a shield of interference that resonates with a resolute message: privacy preserved, tracking thwarted.

  • It can block signals in the GPS L1 and Glonass L1 frequency bands (1570-1580 Mhz) or GPS L2/L5 and Glonass L2 frequency bands (1170-1280MHZ), or both.


    • Suitable for PGS signal jamming in small spaces, such as car tracking jamming.

    Note of caution:

    • Please connect the antenna before use.
    • Using a GPS srambler prevents your position from being tracked when using GPS location, but others can use other technologies such as cell tower position or Wi-Fi location to find you.
    • When using it, you should strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations and must not be used for illegal purposes.
    • The blocker should be turned off promptly after use to avoid unnecessary interference with the surrounding environment.
    • Do not use it while charging.

    **Jamming Range**:
    – The device has a jamming range with a radius of 15 meters, enabling signal disruption within a considerable distance from its position.
    **Total Output Power**:
    – With a total output power of 1W, the device delivers sufficient signal interference capabilities while maintaining efficiency.
    **Working Humidity**:
    – Operating within a humidity range of 5% to 80%, the device can function effectively in various humidity levels to meet operational requirements.
    **Operating Temperature**:
    – Designed to operate within a temperature range spanning from -10°C to +50°C, ensuring reliable performance in different environmental conditions.
    **Weight and Dimensions**:
    – Weighing a mere 0.4kg and compactly sized at 36x25x95mm (without antenna), the device offers portability and ease of deployment in diverse settings.
    **Warranty Period**:
    – Backed by a one-year warranty, users can rely on support and coverage for potential issues or defects that may arise during the warranty period.

    Packing Contents:

    • 1*Portable Jammer
    • 1*Power adapter
    • 1*Car adapter
    • 2*Antenna