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Latest Jammer for GPS Cell Phone Wi-Fi signals – Ahead of potential threats

Browse our collection of new arrival GPS jammer and Wifi blockers and stay one step ahead of potential threats. Invest in your peace of mind with TheJammerBlocker’s new coming mobile jammers.

Our New Jammers page features a curated selection of the newest jamming devices additions to our product lineup. From portable pocket-sized cell phone blockers to high power stationary signal blocking equipment, we have the perfect solution to keep your communications and data safe from prying eyes.

  • The T-US-06D is the first and latest generation of cellular frequency jammer, designed for exceptional performance. This jammer includes two types of antennas: omnidirectional and directional. Omnidirectional antennas provide 360° interference, effectively covering the entire surrounding area. Directional antennas, on the other hand, focus on a specific area with a range of 180°, providing twice the jamming strength for concentrated coverage.

  • The GPUSB  cheap usb gps jammer is designed to interfere with satellite signals at GPS and Glonass frequencies. This model resembles a flash drive and operates only when connected to a power source via USB or mini USB.

  • Backpack-W1 backpack UAV drone Jammer disrupts WIFI2.4GHZ/5GHZ, GPSL1 433Mhz 915MHZ signals in both vertical and horizontal polarizations, with a total output power of 140 watts (20W-30W per channel). The Backpack-W1 is equipped with six high-gain antennas, providing robust jamming capabilities.

  • One of the most notable features of WDP08 anti drone jamming device is its ability to jam signals across eight different frequency bands. This broad coverage ensures that drones operating on different frequencies can be effectively neutralized.

  • Handheld drone detection WDTX3 utilizes a unique low-power digital-analog hybrid receiving technology combined with advanced power management. The detector comes paired with a stationary anti drone Jammer. Together, they provide comprehensive protection for flights over specific areas, as well as surveillance or tracking of real estate, ensuring secure and controlled airspace.

  • Currently, our latest product, the P-US-027, is a portable 5G cell phone and wifi 6E Jammer equipped with 28 bands. This jammer’s design is distinguished by its well-organized construction, excellent craftsmanship, and ergonomic size and shape, ensuring a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

  • Don’t wait any longer – use the affordable GPS blocker BG-P01-1 to disrupt GPS signals (Frequency: 1570-1610 MHz), conceal your location, and eliminate illegal trackers and locators.

  • When the GSM cell phone radio jammers starts working, it intercepts 2G and 3G network signals on mobile devices by emitting radio waves and generating white noise, blocking unauthorized mobile data transmission within a range of 20 meters.

  • This simple and portable signal jammers for GSM GPS looks like a Power bank and can be carried daily, because it is only 100 grams, which may be lighter than your iPhone. And you only need to turn on the POWER SWITCH on the right side, it will block PCS/CDMA/GPS/Glonass signal at the same time within 10 meters.

  • It has three relatively large cooling fans at the bottom, which is the most important “heat dissipation place”, so the wireless network jammers can provide you with interference work uninterruptedly. It also has the ability to interfere with mobile phone signals, that is, the 2G (GSM/DCS), 3G and 4G mobile networks commonly used in our daily life.

  • Compared with other desktop jammers, this 2.4GHZ bluetooth jamming equipment is slightly larger in size, but it can achieve an interference range of up to 200 meters, which is impossible for ordinary  wi-fi signal disruptor.

  • The device can only jam the global positioning system 1570-1580Mhz and 1220-1230MHz signals, as long as it runs on GPS L1 / GPS L2, will not be able to escape the interference signal emitted by gps blocker within 20 meters.

  • Try our UAV signal defender! Simply aim the jammers at the flying drone and the drone disabler for Electronic will emit radio waves to cut off the input signal used to drive the aircraft, thereby landing a quadcopters from DJI or other series.

  • Get rid of this worry with our gps signal scrambler, clearing the GPS L1 satellite positioning signal within 5-10 meters for you. When you use this type of anti-positioning gps jamming device, it will not prevent you from contacting your relatives and friends with your mobile phone.

  • Stay secure with our Wi-Fi router blocker, covering a 15-meter range, utilizing a safe LI-ION battery (8500mAh), designed to manage children’s Wi-Fi use, without disrupting mobile networks, featuring a concealed antenna and compatibility with 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  • Use our lojack blocker to hide your location. It can cover your whereabouts on the lojack monitoring system within a range of 1-10 meters to protect you from being discovered. when you use our lojack signal jamming devices, users within the interference radius will not be able to use 4G to access mobile Internet or cellular communications, nor will they be able to listen to the radio to get information and enjoy beautiful songs.

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