GPS Jammers Anti Satellite Location Blockers for Enhanced Vehicle Protection

Defend Your Privacy and Security from unallowed Surveillance with our Anti Tracker Jammers! Take Charge of Your Safety Today by Exploring Our Premium Selection of Satellite Navigation GPS Signal Blockers, Providing Reliable Protection for You and Your Vehicle.

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Showing 1–40 of 74 results

Why do you need a car cigarette lighter jammer or OBD tracker blocker?

Simply put, the reasons for needing a Car GPS jammer are generally as follows:
Prevent non-consensual tracking or targeting, such as victims of harassment, divorce, etc.;
Prevent criminals from learning your driving habits;
Desire to enjoy lunch or personal stop away from surveillance;

Which type of Anti GPS jammer should I choose to block GPS Navigation signals?

Choosing a GPS Blocker is a relatively simple matter, but buying a high-quality, low-cost and usable vehicle GPS jamming device is not simple.

To choose the most suitable Car jammers, you need to know the operating frequency of the target device, its output power, and the distance between the target device and the GPS scramblers (i.e., the interference range). With the above information, purchasing GPS jammers will be very simple.

Worth noting: Generally speaking, conventional navigators and GPS trackers operate on the GPSL1 (1570-1620MHz) frequency band. Therefore, to jam normal navigators and GPS trackers, you only need to choose to buy a GPS L1 jammer for car; however, Some upgraded trackers are not limited to using GPSL1, but may also use mobile phone base station positioning, Galileo positioning system, Glonass positioning system and Beidou positioning system. In this case, it is recommended to choose a GPS blocking device or portable GPS Jammer with multiple frequency band interference functions, to ensure that all the GPS positioning signal is completely blocked.