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Explore the latest mobile phone blocker, allowing you to quickly control the surrounding signal field! Your private area, your decision!

  • All antennas of D-US-04-2 5GHZ Wi Fi signal Blocker can be easily adjusted (up to 90 degrees) to suit specific tasks. Built-in overheat protection system, fast cooling, can support your all-day work.

  • This 12V GPS scrambler for truck can safely block GPS L1 and GPS L2 signals in both directions, with a simple plug-in design, non-slip and portable, covering a range of up to 20 meters and a compact size.

  • This JB02 12V GPS Jammer for Vehicles can jam signals within the 1560-1620MHz (Glonass and GPSL1) and 1200-1280MHz (GPSL2), effectively jamming any GPS tracking device within a radius of 5-10 meters. it also has two built-in USB ports, allowing you to easily charge your mobile devices through the cigarette lighter while on the go.

  • This TV RC jammer, unlike traditional LORA Blocker, can disrupt remote control signals within 100 meters and features an LCD display for intuitive power usage monitoring, ensuring seamless use during critical moments while providing a comfortable grip with its sleek “V” shaped body.

  • Use the 135W fixed 4G iPhone mobile phone scrambler to quickly block signal interference in standard GSM, GPS and other frequency bands (covering the 700MHz to 2700MHz frequency range), covering a signal restricted area with a radius of up to 150 meters. Support 24 hours of continuous operation.

  • The Wi-Fi signal Blocker, designed to effectively interfere with 2.4GHz and 5GHz (included 5.2GHZ & 5.8GHZ) wireless network connections, generating 3W of power per band, with a total output power of 9W, and effectively restricts low-flying drones within 100 meters, forcing them to land or return.

  • This bluetooth disruptor, which is smaller than iPhone XS, can help you jam 2400 – 2500 MHz Wi Fi signals within a range of 10 meters. It is always silent when working and does not produce unnecessary noise. please do not worry. Having it means you get a protector for your wireless data.

  • Try our UAV signal defender! Simply aim the jammers at the flying drone and the drone disabler for Electronic will emit radio waves to cut off the input signal used to drive the aircraft, thereby landing a quadcopters from DJI or other series.

  • Featuring a wide frequency range blocking capability (700 to 2700 MHz), this Desktop 60W high power 4G jamming equipment eliminates disruptive incoming calls, phone conversations, data leaks, and potential threats such as mobile bomb explosions triggered by electromagnetic radiation in places like gas stations, chemical warehouses, and hospital equipment.

  • Stay secure with our Wi-Fi router blocker, covering a 15-meter range, utilizing a safe LI-ION battery (8500mAh), designed to manage children’s Wi-Fi use, without disrupting mobile networks, featuring a concealed antenna and compatibility with 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  • The simple appearance is like a power bank, which rarely attracts people’s attention, and it weighs only 0.5KG, which is very convenient to carry or hide. When the wifi blocker for home works normally, it means that all wifi devices can’t continue to use the 2.4GHZ, 5.2GHZ, 5.8GHZ wireless network within 15 meters.

  • The D-US-01-1 gun-shaped anti uav blocking equipment can cover both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz WiFi bands, and can interfere with GPS L1 and Glonass L1 signals, effectively blocking drone radio frequencies up to 2000 meters away in a short period of time, thereby quickly preventing aerial operations.


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Top-edge Cell Phone Signal Jammers - Ultimate frequency jamming Solution

With a forward-looking approach, thejammerblocker’s jammers stays ahead of emerging privacy threats by pioneering top-edge RF jamming technologies to counter the latest electronic surveillance methods. When you opt for thejammerblocker online jammer shop, rest assured that you’re embracing top-tier signal jamming devices for unrivaled protection.

Don’t wait for a breach to occur—explore our collection of signal blockers and frequency jammers today to enjoy the peace of mind.

The JammerBlocker: your trusted ally in preserving privacy and fortifying security.

In today’s interconnected world, where communication is constant and ubiquitous, signal jammers play a crucial role in managing and controlling wireless transmissions. The primary function of a signal jammer is to create a controlled zone where specific frequencies are rendered ineffective, thus preventing communication through those channels.

Signal Blockers find diverse applications across different sectors. In sensitive areas like government buildings, military installations, and prisons, these high power Bomb jammers help maintain security by preventing unauthorized communication and thwarting remote detonation of explosive devices. Additionally, Cell phone signal jammers are utilized in theaters, conference rooms, and examination halls to ensure uninterrupted focus and fair by blocking signals.

Moreover, in educational institutions, GSM signal jammers are employed to deter students from using mobile phones during classes, encouraging a conducive learning environment free from distractions. In commercial settings, WiFi jammers can prevent electronic eavesdropping and safeguard sensitive information from being transmitted over unauthorized channels.

While the use of RF Blocker and GPS Jammer is regulated due to potential interference with emergency communication systems and SOS, their controlled application proves valuable in enhancing security, privacy, and productivity in various scenarios. By selectively blocking specific Radio frequencies, frequency jammers offer a strategic tool for managing wireless communications effectively.

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