Exclusive Mystery Master Cell Phone GPS Jammers Keeps Your Secrets


The Exclusive Mobile GPS Jammers device has smart buttons, a complete cooling system and independent frequency control, and can easily withstand all common device signals within a distance of 2-20m, making it the best choice to prevent information leakage.

Exclusive cell phone signal scrambler
Exclusive Mystery Master Cell Phone GPS Jammers Keeps Your Secrets 695.26$
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Noteworthy Advantages of Cell Phone Signal Scrambler:

  • Intelligent button (matching indicator light display for each interference channel)
  • Complete cooling system (air vents on both sides and internal cooler)
  • ABS private mold shell
  • independent frequency control
  • Performance is not weaker than desktop WI-FI jammer
  • Easy to carry
  • Shields all common device signals within a radius of 2-20m (old and new generation mobile phones, trackers, wifi routers)
  • Cell Phone Signal Scrambler Stop hackers or criminals from leaking information
  • Powered by large capacity (4700mA/) lithium battery
  • Run 90 minutes
  • Good market feedback
  • Cell Phone signal blocker Can be used in cars
  • 8 Antennas control 9 frequency bands:
    >> CDMA & GSM: 850-960MHz
    >> DCS:1805-1880
    >> PCS: 1880-1920MHz
    >> 3G: 2110-2170MHz
    >> 4G LTE: 700-800MHz (USA iPhone)
    >> 4G WIMAX: 2500-2700MHz
    >> GPS: 1570-1580MHz
    >> Wi-Fi: 2400-2500MHz


  1. Antennas must be installed according to the corresponding number identification.
  2. Please keep the mobile phone jammer dry and away from other chemicals to protect the cell blocker.
  3. Do not pile other electronic products or obstacles around to avoid affecting the effect.

Cell Phone Signal Scrambler Features and Specifications

  • Power supply: Adapter provided, supports AC power (110-240V) 50 to 60Hz and DC 12V
  • Dimensions: Product dimensions are 163mm (length) x 85mm (width) x 43mm (height), excluding antenna
  • Car charger: Equipped with DC12V car charger, convenient for travel
  • Weight: Net weight is about 0.7kg, gross weight is about 1.3kg
  • Antenna details: Designed with 8 antennas made of high-tech rubber
  • Shielding range: At -75dBm signal strength, the effective shielding range is 2 to 20 meters, the actual effect depends on the regional signal strength
  • Built-in battery: Equipped with 7.4V/4700mAh built-in battery, long-lasting and stable power supply
  • Warranty service: Provide one year warranty from the date of delivery

Mobile GPS Jammer Package Contents: 1 x cell phone blocker , 1 x AC charger, 1 x car charger, 8 x antenna

Additional information

Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions16.3 × 8.5 × 4.3 cm