Handheld Civilian Counter Drone Jammers Gun D-US-01-1


The D-US-01-1 gun-shaped anti uav blocking equipment can cover both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz WiFi bands, and can interfere with GPS L1 and Glonass L1 signals, effectively blocking drone radio frequencies up to 2000 meters away in a short period of time, thereby quickly preventing aerial operations.

Civilian Counter Drone Jammers Gun block 2.4ghz - 5.8ghz
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The D-US-01-1 Anti Drone Blocker is a reliable device designed to effectively block drone radio frequencies up to 2000 meters in a short period of time, thus quickly preventing aerial operations. It is able to jam GPS L1 and Glonass L1, WiFi 2.4g and WiFi 5.8g signals, demonstrating its versatility, hence the name “Drone Signal Killer”.

This portable Civilian Counter Drone Jammers Gun device adopts a gun-shaped + external battery design, with a lightweight structure and easy to carry. The embedded LCD display enables the operator to monitor the battery level in real time, ensuring seamless use.

In addition, the Civilian Anti UAV Jammers device is designed with full consideration of surrounding civilian facilities, ensuring that it will not adversely affect mobile communications, base stations, car remote controls, police radars and other important infrastructure.

Drone blocker Shielding range 500-2000M

>>Reliable technical evaluation: This Drone countermeasures instrument has been tested many times at actual distances, with a speed of 500-2000 m/s; it can cut off the communication and navigation between the drone and the remote controller at a long distance, effectively driving away or forcing the drone to land.

Learn how this Civilian Counter Drone Jammers Gun works:

By transmitting radio frequency signals (also known as electromagnetic pulses), the wireless connection between the drone and the remote control platform is destroyed, thereby triggering the drone’s own emergency landing measures, causing the drone to automatically land or automatically return to the remote control platform.

Gun-type drone blocker have many advantages in application:

  1. The gun-type design makes the system highly directional, making the system operation relatively simple and intuitive, and can accurately aim at the target drone and perform interference operations.
  2. It uses an aluminum shell, intelligent temperature control and heat dissipation, and the surface uses international technology secondary oxidation wear resistance
  3. It can directly interfere with the remote control of drones, and can also forcibly interrupt the real-time transmission of drone data, especially video.
  4. Radio frequency signals themselves are non-lethal. After being shot by radio frequency signals, drones will not be physically damaged and will generally land or return automatically.
  5. Civilian Counter Drone Jammers Gun can cover two wifi bands, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, and can interfere with GPS L1 & Glonass L1 signals, but it does not have the ability to interfere with Beidou signals.

Product technical indicators:

Power consumption: 55W
Operating frequency navigation: WiFi 2.4G (2400-2500Mhz), WiFi 5.8G (5725-5850 MHz), GPS L1 & Glonass L1 (1560-1620 MHz)
Color: Black
Power supply: External battery DC 24V / 3500mA external backup battery
Battery life: Built-in battery works for 45-70 minutes
Operating temperature: -22°C to +70°C

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