T-US-03-1 Fixed Full Bands Jammer for WiFi


This wireless internet blocker can effectively suppress wireless network interference in the wifi 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency bands, with an interference range of 10-100 meters. It is equipped with an external 90° bendable omnidirectional antenna, which can adjust the direction according to actual conditions. It can be fixed on the wall or ceiling, but the surface temperature of the product can reach 50℃, so please keep away from low heat-resistant items.

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Our proud full band jammer for WiFi is designed to deal with interference from various WiFi signals. It can effectively suppress wireless networks within a range of 10-100m.

In addition to the two large cooling fans visible on the top and the air ducts on both sides, the interior is also equipped with an intelligent cooling system to control the temperature and ensure long-term continuous operation. It is a very practical wifi jamming device for homes, businesses, and public places.

Product Features:
Carrying an external 90° bendable omni-directional antenna, the antenna direction can be adjusted according to your placement. Based on this feature, you can also use screws to fix it directly on the wall or ceiling, but the surface temperature of the product can reach 50℃, so please stay away from low heat-resistant objects.
( It is recommended to install the product at a height of 1 meter to 2 meters for better results. )

90° bendable omni-antennas WI-FI srcambling devices2.4 ghz jamming device can be fixed directly on the wall or ceiling with screws


Guidelines for use:

Antenna connection: The antenna adopts an error-proof design and can only be inserted correctly.
Installation direction: Do not point the antenna of the full bands wifi jammer towards the direction of the mobile phone base station, otherwise it will affect the use effect.
Power connection: Check the power switch of the host, confirm that the power switch is in the off position, insert the power transformer output plug into the power socket in the middle of the left side of the host, and connect the power transformer input plug to AC 110-220V power.

Use environment conditions:
External ambient temperature is between -10℃ and -55℃
Relative humidity is less than 90% (RH)
Atmospheric pressure is between 86kPa and 106kPa
Location: Available both indoors and outdoors

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