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Use the 135W fixed 4G iPhone mobile phone scrambler to quickly block signal interference in standard GSM, GPS and other frequency bands (covering the 700MHz to 2700MHz frequency range), covering a signal restricted area with a radius of up to 150 meters. Support 24 hours of continuous operation.

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With the T-US-06-8 desktop cell phone jammers for prison, you can quickly block signal interference from standard GSM, GPS and other frequency bands (covering the frequency range of 700MHz to 2700MHz), making the surrounding environment free from interference from external wireless signals.

Its output power of up to 135W and the design of 6 simultaneous outputs mean that a signal exclusion zone with a radius of up to 150 meters can be covered within a 360° range, ensuring complete confidentiality of information.

During this period, using this High Power Jammers for Prison, people will not be able to send messages, receive calls or access the Internet. This is something that ordinary portable signal jammers cannot do.

Such devices are often widely used in the field of militarized management, helping them to effectively control the situation.

The Standout Feature: Uninterrupted 24-Hour Operation Capability of This High Power 4G Phone Blockers

Generally speaking, the longer the machine runs, the more heat accumulates inside, and this T-US-06-8 jammer solves this problem very well. Everyone noticed that it has three large cooling fans (there is also a cooling system inside).

High power cell blocker 3 cooling fans

Just like the computers we use in our daily lives, through continuous heat dissipation, the host can maintain a low temperature, which is very good to avoid damage to the internal hardware of the machine due to overheating.

In addition to the above main features, each module of this powerful phone scrambler has 100% safe VSWR overload protection (isolator), and the power can be adjusted separately, that is, the jamming distance can be controlled by the power adjustment button.



  • It is important to consider where to place the Cell Phone blocking equipment to achieve the best coverage. The jammer works in a circular area centered on it, so make sure it is placed correctly to avoid blind spots.
  • The powerful 4G signal disruptor should be placed in a well-ventilated location, try to avoid being blocked by large objects, and avoid strong electromagnetic fields from strong heat sources to ensure shielding effect and long-term stable operation.
  • To maintain the function and durability of the signal blocker, do not stack items on it when using it, and avoid folding the antenna, as these operations may affect its effect and damage the device.
  • When not in use, turn off the power immediately to avoid affecting the normal use of the mobile phone.

High Power Blocking device specifications:

Total output power: 135W
Coverage radius: 50-150m
Antenna type: 5dBi external omnidirectional
Power supply: AC adapter (50 to 60 HZ/ 100 to 240 VAC -DC27V)
Electrical characteristics (SAR): Comply with ICNIRP (human safety) standards
The output power of each band/channel is adjustable, and the maximum output power is 0 (off)
Operating temperature: minimum -20 to maximum +50℃
Storage temperature: minimum -40 to maximum +60℃
Air humidity: minimum 5% and maximum 80%

You can refer to the following frequency table to see the interference frequency range:

4G Wimax2496-2690MHz
4G LTE1710-1780MHz
GPS L11500-1600 MHz
GPS L21220-1230 MHz
GPS L31200-1210 MHz
GPS L41250-1280 MHz
GPS L51170-1180 MHz
Wifi 2.4G 2400-2500MHz

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions46 × 23.5 × 9.5 cm

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