Multi-selectable Silver Desktop Frequency Blocking Equipment for cell phone


The Silver Fixed Signal blocking device is equipped with eight antennas, which can effectively output interference capabilities up to 40 meters, effectively isolate target signals and ensure indoor communication security.

Silver desktop mobile phone frequency blocking equipment
Multi-selectable Silver Desktop Frequency Blocking Equipment for cell phone 473.56$
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 Experience comprehensive protection with the T-US-08-1 jammer, your all-in-one solution for blocking common Full Bands.

»» CDMA: 851-894MHz
»» GSM: 925-960MHz
»» DCS & PCS: 1805-1990MHz
»» 3G: 2110-2185MHz
»» 4G LTE USA iPhone: 700-800MHz
»» 4G Wimax sprint: 2500-2700MHz
»» 2.4G Wi-Fi: 2400-2500MHz
»» GPS: 1570-1580MHz

As you can see, the above are the 8 interference frequency ranges of this desktop blocking equipment. What we need to introduce to you is that we have integrated some frequencies, that is, we have achieved the co-linear frequency of 1805-1880MHZ(DCS) and 1920-1990MHz (PCS ). It is capable of jamming both DCS and PCS signals.

Improve your security with this blocking device’s high-performance 8-channel output design! The coverage range in the United States is up to 40 meters, effectively blocking mobile phone signals in multiple frequency bands to ensure complete communication isolation.

Surprisingly, it can also hide your location information and achieve anti-location. This is an absolute advantage for cell phone jammers and wifi blockers with single functions.

In order to meet the needs of most customers, we have refined some details:
The machine is equipped with a working indicator light and a dip switch, so you can easily control the operation of a specific frequency band, adjust the jamming equipment’s working status in time, and avoid overloading the machine.
8 antennas and output ports are set with corresponding signs to save you installation time.
(Warm reminder: Be sure to install the antenna correctly before use, otherwise the machine will burn out.)

Explore the blocker details and see what’s inside the box.

Power up with this versatile device using an AC adapter, handling both AC 110V and DC 12V inputs effortlessly.
With a robust total output power of 17W, it operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -10℃ to +50℃.
Stay covered in humid conditions too, with an operating range from 5% to 80%.
Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty and unpack a complete set including 1 jamming device, 1 AC charger, and 8 antennas for comprehensive use.

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