T-US-04-1 Stationary High Power GSM Jammer with 4 Frequency Bands


This high-powered GSM blocker with directional antennas offers precise control within 50-150 meters, delivering a total output power of 90W-100W for unparalleled signal protection. Unlimited working time after power on.

Desktop high power GSM jammer for sale
T-US-04-1 Stationary High Power GSM Jammer with 4 Frequency Bands 1,990.12$
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T-US-04-1 is a popular desktop high power gsm jammer with 4 frequency  bands. With a directional antenna design, this powerful jamming device can precisely jam in any selected direction within a range of at least 50 meters and up to 150 meters. Make sure your signal space remains safe by releasing controlled chaos with four strategically placed antennas!

Using precision targeting technology, the ability to fine-tune the jamming power of each antenna independently allows you to make a tailor-made impact zone within a defined threshold. Each antenna has a powerful 20W-40W power range, and working together their strength releases an amazing 90W-100W total output power, ensuring that your signal shelter is indestructible! As shown:

Adjustable power 3G phone jammer

Choose the desktop high power 4G mobile phone jammers configuration you need to defend data security and protect personal privacy in the field of digital communications! Here are your jammer options:

Configuration A: GSM900 (925-960MHz), GSM1900 (1920-1990MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz), 4G (700-800MHz):
This is the top configuration that quickly destroys the mobile phone signal barrier. It is suitable for prisons, conference rooms and corporate confidential places to ensure that unauthorized communication signals cannot be intruded.

Configuration B: GSM900 (925-960MHz), GSM1900 (1920-1990MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz), GPS (1570-1580MHz):
Imagine hunting the enemy on the digital battlefield and blocking its communication and positioning signals. This configuration is suitable for military operations, laboratory confidentiality and private activities.

Configuration C: GSM900 (925-960MHz), GSM1900 (1920-1990MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz), WIFI (2400-2500 MHz):
For those situations where threats involving wireless networks need to be combated, this configuration provides comprehensive protection and is suitable for enterprises, government agencies and highly confidential communication areas.


The device weighs 5kg.
The dimensions are 410 x 240 x 95mm.
It has a built-in fan, an interference radius of 50-150 meters, and supports AC110 or 220-240V.
Use an external directional 500mm long antenna.
Unlimited working time after power on.

The package includes: Powerful GSM jamming device host, AC charger, 4 directional antennas.

Powerful mobile blocker with 4 directional antennas

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions41.0 × 24.0 × 9.5 cm

GSM 900 / GSM 1900 / 3G / 4G, GSM 900 / GSM 1900 / 3G / GPS, GSM 900 / GSM 1900 / 3G / WIFI