Excellent Quality Adjustable Stationary Mobile Phone Jamming Device with 14-bands


This ingenious mobile phone jamming device has an extraordinary ability to jam signals across a range of frequencies. The Cell Phone Jammer offers adaptable power settings, allowing it to effectively block cell phone and other communications signals within a 40 meter radius.

Excellent Quality Stationary Mobile Phone Jamming Device
Excellent Quality Adjustable Stationary Mobile Phone Jamming Device with 14-bands 1,039.69$

Are you tired of unnecessary cellphone interruptions in your workplace or home environment?

This cutting-edge mobile phone jamming device possesses the remarkable prowess to disrupt a multitude of signals pulsating through diverse frequencies like GSM(2G), Lojack(167-175MHZ), and GPS(L1), all under the watchful eye of sophisticated manipulation across 14 autonomous frequency bands.

With meticulous control over 14 distinct bands, you can effectively manage and tailor the interference levels to suit their specific requirements with exceptional precision.Its adjustable power buttons enable precise control over the range at which these signals are blocked, ensuring minimal impact on innocent bystanders.

With a coverage radius of up to 40 meters, this electrical device jammer effectively secures your private space by blocking mobile network communications. Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy and equipped with 5 built-in cooling fans, it operates efficiently and continuously without interruptions. Whether in an office, conference room, or at home, this blocking device effectively eliminates interference from incoming calls and other disruptive noises, creating a confidential and serene environment.

Opting for this 14-band cell signal scrambler guarantees a disturbance-free environment, allowing you to immerse yourself in a quiet and productive life and work setting, free from unwanted disruptions.

The working frequency range of the blocker is as follows:

CDMA: 851-894MHz
GSM: 925-960MHz
DCS: 1805-1880MHz
PCS: 1920-1990MHz
4G LTE: 1700-1800MHz
4G Wimax: 2500-2700MHz
3G: 2110-2180MHz
WIFI 2.4G: 2400-2500MHz
GPS L1: 1570-1580Mhz
Remote Control 315: 315MHz
Remote Control 433: 433MHz
Remote Control 868: 868MHz
UHF: 400-470MHz
VHF& LOJACK: 135-175MHz

The specifications and advantages of this bloking equipment are as follows:

Black design, fashionable and stain-resistant.
The total output power is 30-35W, working efficiently.
The interference range is up to 40m.
Equipped with power adapter (AC100-240V-DC12V) to save you extra expenses.
Dimensions are 395mm long, 238mm wide and 60mm high.
Weight is 6.5 kg.
You have a one-year warranty.
The 14 frequency bands are equipped with independent power control switches for selecting near and far interference or saving battery power.