Highly Specialized Fixed GSM Jammer for PHS 3G with 50M Blocking Range


Looking for top-tier privacy and data security? Look no further! Introducing our GSM jamming devices! With a range of up to 50 meters, we clear out irrelevant signals, safeguarding your data like never before!

Mobile phone signal jammer with remote control
Highly Specialized Fixed GSM Jammer for PHS 3G with 50M Blocking Range 443.19$
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T-US-05 is a highly specialized mobile communication signal blocking equipment.

In the field of signal security and privacy, one cannot overlook the prowess of this professional celluar network jamming device adorned with 5 superior antennas. Capable of intercepting a myriad of cell phone signals concurrently, from the intricate 3G and GSM to the ubiquitous PHS, CDMA, and DCS frequency.
Maximized jamming Distance and Power: Marvel at its unparalleled blocking range that extends up to an impressive 50 meters, adept at shielding against encroaching mobile  network signals with utmost efficiency. Empowered by a formidable output power of 33W, this pinnacle of technology creates an impenetrable shield against unwanted communication intrusions.
Remote Controlled Precision: Elevating user experience to new heights, this mobile phone signal jammer  device integrates a remote control interface for seamless operation and management in diverse scenarios. Users can now exercise control from a distance, enhancing convenience and adaptability in varied environments.
Promoting Tranquility and Order: For sanctuaries of peace where disruption is unwelcome, such as conference rooms, libraries, prisons, and movie theaters, this device reigns supreme. Effortlessly intercepting incoming calls and messages, it upholds a serene ambiance conducive to focused activities and undisturbed interactions.

Transform spaces into havens of utmost tranquility and confidentiality with this pinnacle of signal-blocking technology. Safeguard privacy and order with unparalleled efficiency and sophistication.

The working frequency range of the cell phone scrambler is as follows:

– GSM: 925-960MHz
– 3G: 2110-2170 MHz
– DCS: 1805-1880MHz
– CDMA: 8510-894MHZ
– PHS:1930-1990 MHz

Product parameters:

– Total power of 33W
– Coverage radius up to 50m
– Power source via power plug
– Dimensions measuring 250 x 106 x 33mm (L/W/H)

Package contents:

Cell phone jammer*1、Antenna*5、Instruction Manual*1、 AC charger*1、Remote control (including battery)*1