Reliable High Power Bluetooth Signal Jamming Equipment for Wireless Network Connection


If you want to prevent data leakage and signal interference, and protect personal privacy and information security, use a desktop wireless signal scrambler! The shielding range is 50+ meters and the working frequency is in the range of 2.4GHz-5.8GHz. 

30W high power WIFI Bluetooth signal Jamming Equipment
Reliable High Power Bluetooth Signal Jamming Equipment for Wireless Network Connection 3,781.16$
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Experience the pinnacle of signal security with our powerful wi-fi bluetooth signal jamming equipment designed to block signals in the wireless 2.4G and wireless 5G frequency bands. Boasting dual antennas with exceptional signal shielding capabilities, this equipment is a fortress against unwanted frequencies.
Perfect Performance and Reach: 
Delve into the realm of unparalleled performance with a total output power of 30W ensuring uncompromised signal disruption. With a shielding range spanning up to an impressive 50-100 meters, this device is a stalwart guardian against signal interference.
Versatile Usage in Secure Environments: 
From educational institutions to financial institutions and correctional facilities, this bluetooth signal jammer finds its place in safeguarding sensitive spaces. Effectively thwarting signal interference and the looming threat of data leakage, it upholds the sanctity of information security.
Fortified Privacy and Network Security: 
By effectively shielding WiFi and Blue Tooth signals, this device acts as a shield for personal privacy and information security. Preventing malicious entities from exploiting wireless networks, it safeguards data transmission, ensuring a realm of security and stability.
Guard against Intrusions, Ensure Data Integrity: 
Empower your environment with the shield of advanced signal interference prevention. Safeguard data integrity and privacy, fortifying your network against potential threats and ensuring a realm of secure and uninterrupted connectivity.

Prominent features:

Blue tooth blocker operating frequency in the range of 2.4ghz – 2.5ghz or 5.1ghz – 5.8ghz.
The output power is 30w.
Coverage range 50-100 meters.
Configure 2 antennas.
Dimensions up to 41 x 23.5 x 9.5 cm.
Weight reaches 10kg.
Built-in aluminum alloy radiator with two built-in cooling fans.
One year warranty.

Kind tips:

Make sure the connection is firm when installing the antenna to avoid affecting signal reception.
Pay attention to the working condition of the built-in cooling fan to ensure normal cooling effect and prevent the wifi jamming device from overheating and affecting its service life.