Latest Hot-Seller Top Quality Portable 5G Cell Signal Jammer with Nylon Protective Case


Blocks signals in 16 frequency bands within 25 meters. Can work continuously for 2.5 hours. DIP switch, independent control of frequency.

Hot-Seller Portable Cell Signal Jammer
Latest Hot-Seller Top Quality Portable 5G Cell Signal Jammer with Nylon Protective Case 752.68$
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The latest cell signal blocker, portable design, take it with you and enjoy outdoor activities. Slip it into your bag or pocket for a quiet commute or theater experience. Carefully create a quiet zone around yourself to enjoy a meal, movie, or show.


Flexible DIP switches can be adjusted manually, and you can choose to turn on or off each signal band individually without affecting the normal operation of other bands.
The antenna of the jammer comes with its own number, so you don’t have to worry about incorrect installation.

With a car charger, it can be used for the safety of cars, trucks, buses, vans, and even boats to stop GPS tracking signals; the built-in battery has a battery life of more than 150 minutes (more than 2.5 hours), which is very friendly to outdoor enthusiasts. Supports charging function and equipped with 12V AC power adapter.


You can find all operating frequencies below:

BAND 15G 600617-652MHz
BAND 25G 15001427-1518MH
BAND 44G Wimax2500-2700MHz
BAND 53G2110-2170MHz
BAND 6Wi-Fi 2.4G2400-2500MHz
BAND 7Wi-Fi 5.2G5150-5350MHz
BAND 8Wi-Fi 5.8G5735-5850MHz
BAND 9GPS L11570-1580Mhz
BAND 10LOJACK167-175 MHz
BAND 11DCS & PCS1805-1990MHz
BAND 12RC 315 (Remote Control)315MHz
BAND 13RC 433 (Remote Control)433MHz
BAND 14RC 868 (Remote Control)868MHz
BAND 15VHF135-175MHz
BAND 16UHF400-470MH

What you need to pay attention to are the following points:

>> Install the antenna before use.
>> Please charge it before use. It is not recommended to use it while charging.
>> Please turn on the main power supply before use and remember to turn off the main power supply after use.
>> If you have any quality problems, please send an email to contact our customer service to solve the problem for you.