Cheap GSM 3G Cell Phone Reception Jammer P-US-03-10


When the GSM cell phone radio jammers starts working, it intercepts 2G and 3G network signals on mobile devices by emitting radio waves and generating white noise, blocking unauthorized mobile data transmission within a range of 20 meters.

Cheap Portable GSM Cell Phone Scrambler with 3 Antenna
Cheap GSM 3G Cell Phone Reception Jammer P-US-03-10 267.46$
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P-US-03-10 is a Cell Phone radio jammer that specifically intercepts 2G and 3G cellular signal reception on mobile devices. By emitting radio waves similar to the target and generating white noise, the interfered target cannot properly transmit data to the mobile device, thereby reducing the risk of data or privacy leakage. The GSM Cell Phone Scrambler is only the size of an adult’s palm and weighs only 300 grams, which is not much different from an iPhone.

This cell phone reception jammer device is a low-power electronic jammer, consuming an average of 0.4W of power per hour. The battery capacity is 2500mAh (7.4V), and it can continuously jam for 1.5 hours.

When you turn on the power switch on the right side, the cell phone radio signal jamming device can quickly start working and jam the following signals within a range of 20 meters:

  • CDMA & GSM: 850-960 MHz
  • DCS & PHS: 1805-1990 MHz
  • 3G: 2110-2170 MHz

Technical Parameters:

  • Blocking range: within 20 meters
  • Power supply: AC110-250V OR DC12-36V
  • Built-in battery: 7.4V / 2500mAh
  • Power consumption: 0.4 W/h


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