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Super Quality GPS Tracker: Birds Eye Global Tracking’s Latest Innovation

Birds Eye Global Tracking has made a significant leap in personal and property safety with the launch of its first proprietary product: a high-power, miniature electronic GPS tracker. This compact device, designed to locate people and objects with exceptional precision, promises to revolutionize how we ensure the safety of our loved ones and valuables.

Birds Eye Global Tracking’s New GPS Tracker

Birds Eye Global Tracking recently announced the release of their innovative GPS tracker. This device, slightly smaller than a cell phone, is engineered to determine the location of individuals, such as those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or children with autism, in less than 120 seconds. The company’s management is confident that this tracker will save many lives and protect valuable property.

Importance of GPS Trackers for Vulnerable Populations

GPS trackers have become indispensable for ensuring the safety of vulnerable populations. People with Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or autism are at a higher risk of wandering and getting lost. The ability to quickly locate these individuals can prevent severe consequences and provide peace of mind for their caregivers.

The Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease

Every year, countless individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis leave their homes and lose their way. Statistics reveal that up to 60% of these patients may wander off and become lost. Alarmingly, about 50% of lost patients who are not found within the first 8 hours face serious risks, including injury or death. The Birds Eye GPS tracker, with its rapid location capabilities, can play a crucial role in saving these lives.

Modern Technology in GPS Trackers

The Birds Eye “Safe Tracker” leverages modern advancements in positioning technology. It combines the GPS system, used for both military and civilian applications, with signal triangulation technology from cellular communication base stations. Unlike traditional car navigation devices that require a clear satellite view, the Safe Tracker can determine locations even within buildings and other enclosed spaces.

Birds Eye “Safe Tracker” Performance

Recent tests of the Birds Eye “Safe Tracker” demonstrated its incredible precision. It successfully pinpointed the location of an individual on the 30th floor of an office skyscraper in Tampa. Furthermore, unlike cell phones with GPS modules that typically last only 5 hours, the Birds Eye tracker can operate for up to 30 hours on a single charge, sending location updates every 120 seconds.

Advantages of the Birds Eye Tracker

The Birds Eye tracker stands out for its precision, reliability, and versatility. It performs effectively in various environments, making it a dependable choice for tracking loved ones and valuable assets. Its robust battery life ensures continuous monitoring, providing users with timely updates and peace of mind.

Using GPS Trackers for Safety

One of the significant advantages of the Birds Eye tracker is its ability to monitor movement via any smartphone or PC. Users can view the tracked individual’s location on a map, which updates every 120 seconds. Additionally, the system allows for setting up a “secure” perimeter around the observed object. If the object leaves the designated area, alerts are triggered, sending a series of text messages and emails to the observer until the individual is found.

Alert Mechanisms

The Birds Eye tracker’s alert mechanisms are designed for real-time notifications. Once the tracked individual leaves the secure perimeter, the device immediately sends alerts via text and email. These continuous notifications every 60 seconds ensure that the observer can respond promptly and locate the individual quickly.

Concerns and Countermeasures

Despite the numerous benefits of GPS trackers, concerns about signal jamming exist. The CEO of Jammer has reassured customers that their equipment can suppress the tracker’s signal if needed. This ensures comprehensive coverage and security, addressing potential vulnerabilities.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Using GPS trackers raises important legal and ethical questions. Privacy issues and the legal implications of tracking individuals need careful consideration. Users must ensure that their use of GPS trackers complies with local laws and respects the privacy of the tracked individuals.

Real-World Applications

The Birds Eye GPS tracker has numerous real-world applications. It has been successfully used in various scenarios to locate individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, monitor the movement of valuable assets, and ensure the safety of children with autism. Testimonials from users highlight the device’s effectiveness and reliability in critical situations.

Future Developments in GPS Tracking

Birds Eye Global Tracking is committed to ongoing innovation. Future developments in their GPS tracking technology promise to introduce even more advanced features and enhancements. The industry is expected to see significant growth, with new applications and improved performance of GPS trackers.


The Birds Eye GPS tracker represents a significant advancement in personal and property safety. Its high precision, long battery life, and real-time monitoring capabilities make it an invaluable tool for ensuring the safety of vulnerable individuals and valuable assets. As GPS technology continues to evolve, devices like the Birds Eye tracker will play an increasingly vital role in our daily lives.

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