Cost-effective P-US-06-9 Hand-held Mobile Phone Reception jammer



The P-US-06-9 anti tracking portable phone blocker is highly recommended for effective communication management. This product can flexibly disable home network equipment, such as Wi-Fi routers, and mobile communication devices. Through the use of this jammer, family members can be encouraged to focus on learning and improve their knowledge reserves.


Hand-held Mobile Phone Reception jammer 
Cost-effective P-US-06-9 Hand-held Mobile Phone Reception jammer 411.56$ 298.88$
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The P-US-06-9 Mobile network blocker is universal, lightweight, cost-effective anti tracking portable jammers that works on different devices. Its casing is made of aluminum alloy material and stripline design, which greatly helps the Cell Phone Reception jammer to cool down quickly, and the built-in fan also contributes to good heat dissipation. Using the P-US-06-9 has a wide range of practical significance, such as disabling your home wifi router, GSM or 3G/4G iPhone mobile phone signal or other devices, so as to urge your children to receive education and learn more knowledge.

>>What are the advantages of The P-US-06-9 mobile phone reception scrambler?

P-US-06-9 Cell Phone scramblers feature diagram

  • Built-in lithium battery can last for 2-5 hours
  • Power light indication and switch control function
  • Can be used directly in the vehicle.

GPS and mobile Network blockers in vehicle useing diagram

  • Original new electronic components and integrated circuits
  • The surface is treated with the world’s leading oxidation technology
  • The effective shielding radius is 5-20 meters.
  • 30W high power but low power consumption

>> What should you know before using a mobile phone suppressor?

  1. Battery life: A fully charged battery can be used for 2-5 hours.
  2. Charging method: Indoor charging with AC adapter; charging in car with car charger.
  3. Heating reminder: The device will heat up after being used for a long time, which is normal.
  4. Scope of application: Suitable for interfering with Wi-Fi 2.4G (2400-2500Mhz), GPS L1 (1570-1580Mhz), 4G (700-800Mhz / 2300-2500Mhz), 3G (2110-2170Mhz), DCS (1805-1880Mhz), and GSM (925-960Mhz) signals.

♥ We have made 2.4ghz (2400-2500mhz) and 4G (2300-2500mhz) co-linear frequencies, so when you turn on the switch of this frequency band, you can intercept both 2.4Gwifi and 4G high lte frequencies at the same time.

>>Installation steps and methods:

  1. Take out the anti tracking GPS jammer host from the packaging box;
  2. Screw the antennas into their corresponding antenna bases, otherwise they will be invalid;
  3. Hang the portable jammers on the wall or hold the jammer at the target. The optimal height is 1-1.8 meters;
  4. Turn on the power switch and the power indicator light turns green; turn on the side DIP switch and the phone blocker starts working;
  5. Select shielding frequency: Turn on the required frequency for specific antenna shielding.

P-US-06-9 Cell Phone Service Jammer antenna installation diagram

♥ It should be noted that the blocking distance we provide is only for reference. The specific jamming radius should be determined according to your usage environment, including the signal strength from the base station, whether there are obstacles around, the heat dissipation of the jamming device itself and more.

In addition to the blocker body (including 6 complete omnidirectional antennas), the factory list of this device also includes an AC charger and a car charger.

*Plus, when you purchase this P-US-06-9 mobile phone reception jammer, we will provide you with an additional one-year warranty.

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4G/3G/DCS/GSM/WiFi 2.4G/GPS L1