Upgraded Noise Neutralizer Premium Anti Recording Blocker for Maximum Privacy


This anti-eavesdropping scrambler is the best protector around you. It has been fully upgraded and has powerful power and technical support. It can be placed on the desktop for use or installed under the desktop. It achieves high-power effects through 37 transmitters and has a wide coverage area.

Premium Anti Recording Blocker
Upgraded Noise Neutralizer Premium Anti Recording Blocker for Maximum Privacy 439.66$
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Imagine being in a confidential meeting or a business negotiation, where every word spoken could be crucial to your success. With our noise neutralizer premium anti recording blocker, you can feel secure in knowing that your conversations are protected from prying ears and recording devices.

No one can capture your conversations or actions without your permission.
It’s so easy to block eavesdropping from the following devices:

>>mobile phone >> voice recorder >> video camera.

Scenario application:
>> Confidential meeting room
>> Business negotiation
>> Negotiation room
>> Personal communication.

Professional technical support – ultrasonic low frequency jamming.
The sound bugging blocker can safely deal with voice information interference and mix high and low frequency audio sources.
The whole process is low-pitched and low-pitched, causing interference without the other party being aware of it.
Voice information cannot be recovered after interference.
Can be used on the desktop. Or install the recorder jammer under your desk.
Ultrasonic waves interfere with sound sources.
37 transmitters, high power, stronger effect and wide coverage.

1. The blocking distance is 1-6 meters, and interference operations can be performed within this range.
2. The listening jamming device angle is 360° and can interfere in all directions.
3. The opening method is a toggle switch, which is simple and convenient to operate.
4. The battery capacity is 8000maH, which can provide continuous power support.
5. The battery life is 2-4 hours and can be used continuously for a period of time.
6. The host size is 16 x 9.3 x 8 cm, compact and portable.
7. Charging time is 3 hours, fast charging.
8. The voltage and current are 15V/5A, stable power output.

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Dimensions16 × 9.3 × 8 cm