High Performance Pocket Remote Control Jammer Car Lock Blocker with Charging Indicator


The remote control jammers equipment has a jamming range of up to 10 meters, effectively blocking unauthorized signals in its vicinity. It has a 3-hour elastic operating window that ensures long-term jamming capabilities, allowing you to easily protect your privacy and security from unwanted remote access. 

3 Bands Remote Control Jammer for 315/433/868
High Performance Pocket Remote Control Jammer Car Lock Blocker with Charging Indicator 216.52$
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Embark on a seamless journey towards enhanced security and privacy with our cutting-edge compact and portable remote control jammer. Crafted with precision and innovation, this device is your ultimate shield against unwanted intrusions on a multitude of remote control devices. Equipped with 3 antennas and a striking charging display LED, this gadget stands out as your steadfast companion in the realm of technology protection.

By expertly disrupting signals at 315Hz, 433Hz, and 868Hz, it ensures a secure haven for your drones, cars lock, toys, air conditioners, TVs, and smart home systems. With a generous 10-meter interference range, rest assured that your personal space is safeguarded from unwelcome communication breaches. Relish in the tranquility granted by up to 3 hours of uninterrupted operation, granting you the power to assert control over your environment and devices for extended durations. Trust in our car remote Lock blocker to uphold your security with unwavering reliability and sophistication, making it a must-have ally in the digital age.

Jamming Frequencies:

Remote Control 315 (RC315): 315MHz
Remote Control 433 (RC433): 433MHz
Remote Control 868 (RC868): 868MHz

– Powerful Performance
Total output power of 1.5W offers effective signal disruption within a 1-10 meter radius.
– Long-lasting Operation
With a NiMH battery capacity of 8000mAh, enjoy uninterrupted functionality for up to 3 hours.
– Versatile Charging
Multiple power supply options: AC110-240V plug and DC 12V car charger for convenient usage.
– Compact Design
Dimensions of 177.5 x 76.5 x 36.5 mm and a weight of about 0.2 kg for portable ease.
– Adaptable Environment
Functions flawlessly within -20°C to +50°C temperatures and can withstand humidity levels from 5% to 95%.

Warm reminder:

>> Prioritize safety: Always connect the antenna before unleashing the blocking power.
>> Optimal performance tip: Avoid using the device while charging to prevent interference.
>> Smooth sailing ahead: Ensure a clear environment without excessive obstacles for effective jamming.
>> Closing ritual: Remember to switch off the power post-use to preserve battery life and maintain safety standards.

Package includes:

The package includes 1 RC Jammer, 3 Antennas, 1 Car Charger, and 1 AC Charger.