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cell Jammers in prison

Cell phones in prisons: why using jammers isn’t a straightforward solution

prison powerful 4G cell phone Jammer

Mohamed Amra, whose escape led to the deaths of two agents in May, continued to manage his network from his cell using cell phones. This issue affects all prisons because it’s very challenging to prevent cell phones from being smuggled in. Moreover, most prison facilities are not adequately equipped to handle this problem.

Despite the challenges, it’s possible to block cell phone usage within prisons, according to Yann Bastière, a national delegate of the Unité union. He asserts that the solution lies in cell Jammers.

“The real solution is jamming,” he says. “To stop these individuals behind bars from continuing their illegal activities, we need to cut off all communication between them and the outside world.”

Emmanuel Baudin, general secretary of FO Justice, agrees. However, currently, fewer than thirty prisons in France have jammers due to their high cost and certain limitations. “A cell phone jammer can cost nearly 1 million euros,” he notes.

Prisons based on the dangerousness of inmates?

Urban facilities are also problematic. “For example, in Santé Prison, if the jammer is too powerful, it affects the neighbors living next to the prison. We also need to keep up with technological advancements,” he says.

Some signal jammers are already outdated as they don’t effectively block 4G signals ( Not to mention blocking the more advanced 5G signals ) or have sufficient range. Emmanuel Baudin suggests classifying prisoners and prisons accordingly.

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